I had a good friend started from university days, she has the features envied by most girls: fair skin like snow white, a perfect figure that is plum and thin just at the right places.

Once I directly expressed my envies, she heavily signed:”You don’t know my pain… pimples could make such contrast on this skin … I guess you never experienced heat rashes under your breasts? You’ll know such equipments are not fit for Singapore…”

That was very funny dialogs, young, unmarried and pretty flat me then thought she was totally joking and comforting me in her own unique way, till I experienced the legend heat rashes in breastfeeding era.

Whenever thought about her, I just could not stopped laughing, one reason is her funny problems out from beauty, another is about a bottle of expired medicine.

After my twins turned 8 months, I started confinement catering business. She was still in Singapore at that time, she called me:”I have huge menses pain, any suggestion?”

That was not in my confinement food list. I thought a while, told her: “I made myself some herbs when I had irregular menses after miscarriage, it worked for me, do you want to try?”


Soon, she came and grabbed the half bottle of herbs I used before – the bottle was well sealed, I even did not check before passing to her. On top of taking care of a toddler and 2 babies, I was running a full time engineer job, a part time engineering consultation job and confinement catering business — a little busy, not paying attention to small details sometimes when I should have.

After several months, she called up again to thank me.

“Why?” I totally forgot what great thing I did for her.

“My menses pain is gone — 3 months! First time I had no pain after the medicine, I thought it was coincident; later I forgot the medicine, pain again; then I had the medicine again, no pain again — 3 times tested – I think your rotten medicine worked!” she sounded cheerful.

“What rotten medicine?” I was still puzzled.

“The medicine you gave me last time!” she added:”It had a trace of green hair on top, I scrubbed off the fungus and used the rest!”

Then I remembered the medicine I gave her. That was self made medicine powder based on a traditional formula, no preservatives added – that bottle was almost 2 years old! Lost in time with my own busy schedules, I forgot the time still work normal in outside world, together with the herbal powder in the bottle.

“So sorry that the medicine got fungus…” I regretted and feared heavily for my past carelessness, and then I scolded her:”Why did you still have it after seeing it rotten?”

“No worry, just some natural penicillin!” she was relaxed and unconcerned, sensed my nervousness, immediately she added:” plus it seems lessened my pimples as well!”

Theoretically, the herbs I gave her could sooth menses pain and smooth the period, naturally she would have less chance of pimples or pre-menses discomfort, but I was so sad with my mistake giving her the old medicine, forgot to ask about more details.

From then on, I kept all herbs in fridge and I used that formula often before my own menses.