5: Menopause preparation 女神更年期调理 soup/meal

Other than good confinement, a good Menopause might be the only second chance to prepare us to be a healthier self.

Osteoporosis, emotional turbulence, losing memory, sleep disorder, etc, all kinds of unpleasant symptoms coming along with the natural aging, reminding us that our life is entering another stage. However, if we navigate this period wisely and smartly, we still have a good chance to strengthen our body in this little turbulence time. Change brings chance, we got to utilize this opportunity to prepare ourselves for the next 50 years coming on the way.

Natural and gentle ingredients are applied to regulate the Harmon change and to soothe the feeling, various herbs are used to help our mind, body and immune system.

3 soups a week, let’s embrace a wiser, healthier and freer self!

This set of herbal soups are ideal to start around 40ish age and phase out around 50ish.

Due to the lifestyle and work pressure, those with premature symptoms also can start to take this package, together with the Menses adjustment package to regain your health and energy. the premature symptoms include forgetfulness, hair dropping, ear buzzing, sleeping disorder, period drying up, etc.






由于工作压力和生活习惯而早衰的女性也可以配合月经调理系列汤品,提前服用这套益智强身的更年期调理汤品。早衰的症状有:记忆力衰退,脱发,耳鸣,失眠,经量减少或者不来 ,等等。


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