4: Supergirl Menses adjustment soup/meal 超女调理汤品

If you are facing conditions such as: just started menses, menses pain, irregular period, too much or too little discharge, pimples & oily skin, breast pain, you might find help from our super girl meal.

Blessed as being female, our menses is a healthy and natural detoxifying process; with regularly discharge, our body will get rid of something old and unnecessary, then accordingly rebuild something new. In this process, our system is used, forged, and enhanced. Regular and stable menses is a good indicator of a girl’s health, as well as how well she is ready to bear a healthy baby.

However, many of us are suffering from menses conditions which resulted from our modern lifestyle: Poor sleep; excessive anxiety and stress from study and work; fast food and unhealthy food.

Luckily, if we pay more attention to several special days in the month, we still can manage through and maintain good menses conditions. With 4~7 days menses package, we will protect you through this special period, help you to be a more beautiful and healthier self, and a potential mother for a healthier baby.

4 days package will be used in 2 days before the menses, 1st day of menses, 1 day after menses; 

7 days package will include 4 days package, as well as one day each in the following 3 weeks. 


Super girl调理汤品,每个月经前2天,月经第一天,经后第一天,经后3周每周一天,7道精心调配的汤品,为女生们做元气充电,给你轻松做“女超人”的底气。

补血圣品 阿胶糕


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