1: Confinement & Breastfeeding 坐月哺乳汤品套餐

iPrettymommy was started with a mission to help new moms with their breastfeeding. Confinement for breastfeeding is the ultimate expertise.

Allergy, premature, overweight, underweight… anything could make a baby suffering from the formula milk; stress, health, timing, sickness, wrong food… everything will hinder a mommy from breastfeeding.

Breastmilk could build up baby’s strong immune system, boost their IQ, breastfeeding helps baby and mom to develop a deep bonding, as well as baby and mom’s confidence and sense of security about the new life.

Soaked with viruses and bacteria in this world, the own immune system is the only and ultimate defense; living in the society with competition and constant evolvement, IQ is the fundamental force bringing the difference among people. All of this, only mom can give the baby. Drops by drops, together with love and blessing, passed from mom to baby, breast milk establishes a strong immune system and develops a sharp brain for the little one.

The breast milk content naturally adjusts and varies along baby’s physical development, as well as responds to baby’s health condition. One mom, one baby, the substances in the milk are constantly tuned precisely, custom produced just for the precious one, the only one in the world.

iPrettymommy confinement and milk boosting soups are catered for breastfeeding moms. This set of soup & meal brings out the best milk from mommy, provides the best need nutrition to ensure new mom’s recovery after delivery, as well as safeguards her health not to be compromised due to breastfeeding.



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